SPRAT 2014 Summer Standards Meeting

At the end of July, Keith Luscinski attended the SPRAT 2014 Summer Standards Meeting in Denver, Colorado.  Each year, SPRAT holds two large gatherings.  The annual conference, which is held during the winter and draws many attendees, includes technical presentations and meetings of all the SPRAT committees.   The mid-year Summer Standards Meeting, however, draws a small crowd of representatives from the rope access industry that are passionate about keeping SPRAT’s standards current and relevant.

The Standards Committee is continually working to update SPRAT’s Safe Practices for Rope Access Work and Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work documents.  Other works in progress include the development of a rope access company accreditation system and the publication of documents that address rope access practices for specific industries.

During the meeting, Keith was also appointed to the chair position of the Research Grant Committee.  As the new chair, he is working to develop a grant application process, whereby SPRAT members can apply for research funding.  By providing research funding, SPRAT’s goal is to drive innovation in the rope access community.  The committee hopes to increase the knowledge of the entire SPRAT body by proposing that grant recipients present their findings at each annual conference.

Stay tuned to stay up to date on SPRAT’s activities!

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