Engineering Marvel Unaweep Canyon Hanging Flume to be Reconstructed

Hanging Flume in 1891 shortly after it was completed. The flume was 4 feet deep and 6 feet wide.

The hanging flume, of which 7 of its 13 miles clings to a red-rock wall along the San Miguel River in the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers canyons, might leave viewers wondering why and when this wooden structure was built.

…However, except for the brief explanation in the “History of the State of Colorado” by Frank Hall, it has remained a mystery how the flume was constructed on the sheer, rock walls.

Several scientists have worked since 2004 to unravel the mystery. They have had no photographs, engineering drawings or written accounts chronicling the flume’s construction. However, it is possible that Ron Anthony of Anthony & Associates, a wood scientist from Fort Collins, and Robert Silman Associates P.C. have discovered the answer.

From April 10–15, Anthony & Associates, Vertical Access and Robert Silman Associates P.C. will put their theories to the test by attempting an onsite reconstruction of 48 feet of flume, using what they believe are the original methods of construction.

The public can watch the possible unraveling of this historic structure from several viewing locations along Colorado Highway 141 on any of the six days.  READ FULL ARTICLE  Engineering marvel Unaweep Canyon Hanging Flume to be reconstructed |

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